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Chiropractor at Work

Kenn graduated in 2007 with a Bachelor of Chiropractic Science and a Master of Chiropractic Degree and has had his own business since 2008. After having experienced great results with chiropractic treatment over the years it inspired Kenn to return to school as a mature age student, to study to become a Chiropractor himself.

Kenn is married to his wife Natalie, who is currently studying to also become a Chiropractor and together they have 6 children. Having previously worked in a variety of different industries he can relate to many different people from all walks of life.


A firm believer in preventative therapies, Kenn strives to give his patients practical advice to prevent further injury and maintain functional movement. "I believe in not just diagnosing the problem but also trying to understand how it occurred in the first place, restoring proper functioning of the joints, correcting any muscle imbalances and then teach people healthy movement of the joints, including correcting any improper lifting techniques which is often found to be the cause of the injury."


Through his own life experience as well as working as a chiropractor for over 10 years he understands that we all want to live pain-free and to recover quickly. This is what he aims to do as he enjoys helping people improve their lives through Chiropractic treatment.

  • BCSc (Bachelor Of Chiropractic Science)- Macquarie University.   

  • MC (Master Of Chiropractic)- Macquarie University. 

Dr. Kenn Danielsen-Jensen


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